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Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2017 Antique Burst Electric Guitar - 170009170

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This guitar is in immaculate condition. The pickups are not original, but the original pickups are in the case.

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This guitar is in immaculate condition. The pickups are not original, but the original pickups are in the case.

Top Features

Wood Species: Maple
Pieces: 2
Grade: AA
Binding: Cream
Wood Species: Mahogany
Pieces: 2
Density: Low
Binding: Cream
Weight Relief: None
Average Weight (body only): 6 lbs.
Materials Used
Glue: Franklin Titebond 50
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:
Body Contour
Carve: Classic
Wood Species: Mahogany
Pieces: 1
Truss Rod: Les Paul
Profile: Standard
Thickness at Fret 1: .818"
Thickness at Fret 12: .963"
Other Materials:
Average Weight: 1 lbs 6.4 oz
Peg Head
Type: SP1-B
Inlay: Mother of Pearl
Peg Head Binding: None
Silkscreen: Gold "Les Paul Model"
Headstock Angle: 17 degrees
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:
Neck Fit
Joint Angle: 5.0 degrees
Joint Angle Tolerance: 0 deg 0 min 15 sec
Type: Mortis and Tenon
Adhesive: Franklin Titebond 50
Gauges Used: Pitch Height Gauge and Alignment Gauge
Style: Nut
Material: Nylon
Width: 1.695"
Slots: E: .046"
A: .036"
D: .028"
G: .016"
B: .011"

e: .009"
Wood Species: Rosewood
Pieces: 1
Shade: Dark
Fingerboard Details
Radius: 12"
Frets: 22
Nut/End of Board: 1.695" @ nut, 2.260" @ end of board
Scale: 24.75"
Binding: Cream
Side Dots (Color): Black
Fingerboard Inlays
Style: Trapezoid
Material: Acrylic
Dimensions: Large - 0.66" x 1.17", Small - 0.24" x 1.56"
Average Weight: 4.16 oz
Style: BurstBucker 1 BurstBucker 2
Winds/Coil: Screw side/Slug side: 5000 / 5200 5300 / 5500
Material of Wire (gauge): Enamel (42) Enamel (42)
Coil Dimensions (per coil): 2.61 x 0.68" 2.61 x 0.68"
Coil Material: ABS ABS
Coil Winding Process: Machine Wound Machine Wound
Pole Piece Material: Nickel Nickel
Pole Piece Position from Nut: 18.625" 23.4375
Slug Material: Nickel Nickel
Slug Dimensions (diameter x length): 0.187 x 0.489" 0.187 x 0.489"
Magnet Material: Alnico II Alnico II
Magnet Position from Nut: 19" 23.125"
Magnet Dimensions: 2.5 x 0.5" 2.5 x 0.5"
Cover: Nickel Nickel
Qfactor: 5.54 6.73
ResistanceDC: 7697 Ohms 8210 Ohms
Resonant Frequency: 2767.56 Hz 2525.54 Hz

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SKU 170009170
Manufacturer Gibson

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