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Jam Custom Shop Rattler and Tube Dreamer Effects Pedal Preowned

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This pedal is a Jam Custom Shop Dual Pedal. These pedals are hand-built and hand-painted per custom order. 

They only require a single 9V power supply to work, and feature an A/B output that can be used to send your guitar to two different amps, or use the second output as a tuner-out to keep your tuner off of your signal chain.

They also feature effects loop send-return jacks for inserting other pedals in the middle of the chain.

Descriptions for each of these pedals has been included below.


Back when we originally introduced the Tubedreamer58 there weren’t as many 808 style pedals out there. We claimed then as we claim now; this is probably the best 808 style overdrive you can get your hands on!

With a carefully tuned, added midrange frequency register, the Tubedreamer delivers warm and rich overdriven sound through any amp.

A pivotal difference between the Tubedreamer and other Tubescreamers, is our choice to go with 3 diodes for asymmetrical clipping instead of symmetrical, enhancing the responsiveness of the pedal to fretting and picking nuances.

Made with carbon comp resistors, the Tubedreamer employs the legendary JRC4558D chip to deliver its classic sound, just like in the original, sought-after 808’s, and also introduces a wider gain range accessible by the high-gain-stage toggle-switch.


The JAM pedals unabashed distortion monster.

As our stock of the extremely rare NOS LM308AH can- version chips is gradually depleting, we are proud to re-introduce it, celebrating its uniqueness and scarcity with point-to-point wiring, housed in a luxurious leather enclosure.

Made with carbon-comp resistors and tropical fish capacitors for those who seek that original vintage distortion sound, but with modern clarity and response, the Rattler ltd. is equally incredible with single coils as it is with humbuckers, yielding great, full-range sounds, from sweet overdrive to massive, singing distortion!

Owing its core sound to the NOS LM308AH can-version chip, the Rattler ltd. features a symmetrical clipping circuit. Its tone is smoother and a touch less hairy than the standard Rattler with the toggle-switch alternating to a lower gain-stage, giving the pedal a more open overdrive-like character, allowing you to explore less compressed and more harmonically rich textures.

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