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Preowned Pianos

At DW Music we understand and take very seriously the value of the pre-owned piano market. We appreciate that the investment needed to purchase a brand new high level acoustic piano can be a daunting prospect for some, and that a good quality, well maintained pre-owned Grand or Upright piano can be the perfect alternative. At DW Music with our wealth of experience, knowledge and love for the piano, you can trust that we are unwilling to sell any instrument, new or pre-owned, that do not meet our high standards.

Every pre-owned piano that we stock is taken through a rigorous routine of checks and tunings with our on-staff fully qualified piano technician of over 30 years experience. During this process we identify any mechanical issues that the piano may have and do all that we can to augment the tone, touch and all round experience of the instrument. Our confidence in this process is supported by our warranty included with any piano sale. We will also deliver your piano and give it another complimentary tuning after it is in place in your home.

Of course, the best way to test the quality of our pre-owned pianos is to come and play these beautiful instruments for yourself! So please do come into the store for a detailed one on one consultation with our friendly staff and experience in person why we are the trusted choice for pre-owned pianos in the region.

Preowned Grands

The ideal compact pianos for those beginning their musical adventure

Preowned Uprights

A reflection of the prestigious history of Yamaha, the U1 and U3 design have long been industry leaders in upright pianos

Preowned Digitals

The most premium and professional standard of upright pianos from Yamaha