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Yamaha CFIIIS Preowned Concert Grand Piano - No. 5856000

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This stunning Concert Grand Piano is the full 275cm in length and can fill a concert hall with ease, or be an impressive addition to a private home or studio. Sections of the piano have been rebuilt by piano designer Ron Overs, giving this instrument a unique sound, tonal colour and touch. This piano is truly spectacular and a favourite of all of our staff at the shop.

Notable pianists who have played and praised this instrument include Burt Bacharach (2015), Carole King (2015), Joan Baez (2017) and Petula Clark (2012).

Innovations developed by Ron Overs incorporated into this piano include;

The soundboard has rib extensions of Sitka Spruce fitted to the existing soundboard ribs, which increases the soundboard impedance. This procedure was first developed by Ron Overs about seven years ago, and is a suitable modification when a piano has a still-servicable soundboard, but could do with an increase in soundboard-assembly stiffness (it may have been built with inadequate stiffness, may have deteriorated since new, or a combination of the two). When soundboard issues are fully addressed, rebuilt pianos can be sonically the equivalent of a brand new piano.

The soundboard has been mass-loaded to achieve a desired balance between tonal power and sustain. 

Abel hammers, manufactured using Abel Premium cold pressed felt, were bored to custom-fit the piano. The hammer set was balanced after fitting to the shanks, to refine the note to note dynamic response. Balancing hammer sets is not done in any production factory at this time.

The original front duplex bars were removed and a custom counterbearing bar set, which was hardened and Electroless Nickel (EN) plated, was fitted to the iron plate. This allows for a noticeable improvement in the upper treble tonal clarity. The front duplex systems on many grand pianos are too long with an inappropriate profile, which allows for the counterbearing length (also known as the front duplex) to interfere with the tonal clarity of the treble.

The bass string scale was revised and fitted with a bass scale which was developed by Ron Overs in the early 1990s for the Steinway model D. The Yamaha CFIIIs and Steinway model D share identical bass string scale speaking lengths, along with a very similar treble string scale design. Once the bass scale was measured and found to be the same as the model D, a decision was made to include the Overs model D bass scale in this rebuild.

Cosmetically, this piano was completely stripped down. Many parts were refinished or polyester repaired and the entire case cut flat, buffed and polished. The castors were aslo refinished.

The action and dampers of this piano have been fully repaired and set up to standards which exceed that of a typical new instrument. The action is concert ready and would particularly suit a new-piano institutional buyer.

 Price includes: 

  • 10 years parts and labour warranty
  • Local delivery
  • Complimentary first tuning
  • Matching stool

Why buy a pre-owned piano from us?

Here at DW Music we understand and take very seriously the value of the pre-owned piano market.

We appreciate that the investment needed to purchase a brand new high level acoustic piano can be a daunting prospect for some, and that a good quality, well maintained pre-owned Grand or Upright piano can be the perfect alternative. At DW Music with our wealth of experience, knowledge and love for the piano, you can trust that we are unwilling to sell any instrument, new or pre-owned, that do not meet our high standards.

Every pre-owned piano that we stock is taken through a rigorous routine of checks and tunings with our on-staff fully qualified piano technician of over 30 years experience. During this process we identify any mechanical issues that the piano may have and do all that we can to augment the tone, touch and all round experience of the instrument. Our confidence in this process is supported by our warranty included with any piano sale. We will also deliver your piano and give it another complimentary tuning after it is in place in your home.

Of course, the best way to test the quality of our pre-owned pianos is to come and play these beautiful instruments for yourself! So please do come into the store for a detailed one on one consultation with our friendly staff and experience in person why we are the trusted choice for pre-owned pianos in the region.

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SKU 5856000
Manufacturer Yamaha
Warranty 10 year

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