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Ibanez JEM77FP 1988 Floral Pattern Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar - Preowned

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This awesome old JEM77FP is an awesome example of how a player's guitar can develop and mature over time. We can't call this a "collector" grade guitar, as it has absolutely been riffed on and loved for the past 33 years. However, this guitar will be equally at home in the hands of someone who will make this their #1 gigging guitar, or someone who will hang it on the wall or keep it in the case. 

Starting with aesthetics, this guitar has the look of a dignified and matured instrument. The floral wrap that was placed around the body at the time of manufacture has faded and aged in places, however the floral decals still look absolutely stunning. On the back, the wrap has bubbled and risen in some spots, due no doubt to what would cause buckle rash on a more delicate instrument. Besides this, the body of the guitar is in remarkable shape, with very minimal aging or wear and tear on the sides or bouts where you would normally expect it. The pickguard has plenty of pick scratches, however thanks to it being a clear guard, these are only noticeable from very particular angles, and don't affect the general aesthetic of the guitar at all. The bridge is remarkably without tarnish or rust, and is still shiny and smooth. The headstock has some wear in the form of small dings in the back, and scratches in the decal on the front, however no significant damage, and no repairs that have been carried out. The tuning machines/tremolo locking nut are in great condition, with no tarnish.

The neck has the most significant wear on the guitar, in particular on the rear. The guitar has been played enough that the neck is now a beautiful satin, and feels faster than any brand new Ibanez neck we have in stock now. There is some darkening to the wood from accumulation over the years. There are no dings or marks in the neck at all, and your thumb will never find a slowing point when playing. There appears to be a spot where there may have once been a mark, however this has either been played out or fix, it's impossible to tell. The fingerboard is immaculate, and the frets are strikingly bright and brand new feeling. There are no dents in the frets at all, and no dead spots. The rosewood is beautifully dark, and smooth all over with no dents. One thing worth noting (and this has been confirmed by our Ibanez Australia contact) is how strikingly bright the green floral inlays are. This model is prone to the green darkening to a more "swampy" green, however on this guitar they have stayed amazingly beautiful and bright. 

The most notable part that makes this guitar non-collector grade is the bridge and neck humbuckers. The original pickups are present, and will be sold with the guitar, however are presently non-functional. We have swapped them out for a pink Air Norton in the bridge, and a pink Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck. The centre pickup is still completely original. Our resident tech has confirmed the original pickups are able to be rewired and fixed, and from there would be an easy restore back to original electronics. The guitar also does not come with an original hard case, however a hard case nonetheless. The guitar is also missing the original back tremolo cover, however we can replace this at request.

Please contact Brendan or Zac on (02) 6163 5626 or via email on or for further details or photographs of this guitar. This guitar has been priced with the current market value of collector grade JEM77FP guitars in mind, with emphasis on this being a guitar owned by a player, that will suit a player or collector equally well.

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The JEM77, also known as the JEM77 FP (Floral Pattern), is a JEM series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 1988. It is a signature model produced for American guitarist Steve Vai.

The JEM77 features a special floral pattern finish which is printed on cloth and glued to the body. The edges are then painted black and a thick clear coat is applied to the entire guitar. The idea for the fabric covered body came from Vai and the floral pattern was modeled after curtains in Vai's home.[1]

The body of the JEM77 is basswood bolted to a maple neck with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with fluorescent green vine inlays. Components include light pink DiMarzio pickups mounted in a clear pickguard with a pair of PAF Pro humbuckers flanking a custom JEM single-coil, a double locking tremolo bridge, pink top hat knobs and Gotoh tuning machines.

The JEM77 initially had the Edge tremolo. The Lo-Pro Edge replaced the Edge upon its introduction in 1991. The Edge Pro superseded the Lo-Pro in 2003.

As with the other JEM guitars the body includes a signature monkey grip handle near the upper horn and the lion's claw cutaway behind the tremolo rout. It also has a cutaway heel neck joint to improve access to the upper frets. Additionally the four upper frets on the fingerboard are deeply scalloped.

It was available in the US only until 1999 but returned in 2003 as the 15th Anniversary JEM77FP. Outside the US it remained in production from 1988 through 2004. With its 17 years of production, it was the longest running model in the JEM line before being surpassed by the JEM7V in 2009.


Specifications for JEM77 (Floral Pattern)
Model name: JEM77
Year(s) produced: 1988–2004
Sold in: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): Floral Pattern (FP)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Neck joint:
Cutaway heel
1988–1990: Edge tremolo
1991–2002: Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
2003–2004: Edge Pro tremolo
Knob style:
Pink top hat
Hardware color:
Cosmo black
Neck type:
1988–2001: JEM
2002–2004: JEM Prestige
Neck material:
1-piece maple
Scale length:
648mm/ 25½"
Fingerboard material:
Fingerboard inlays:
Fluorescent green vine
1988–1996: 24 / Jim Dunlop 6100
1997–2004: 24 / jumbo
Machine heads:
Gotoh SG38
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
DiMarzio PAF Pro (H)
Middle pickup:
DiMarzio JEM Single (S)
Neck pickup:
DiMarzio PAF Pro (H)
Master volume / master tone / 5-way lever pickup selector

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